Programmed Maintenance

Keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Programmed Maintenance helps you reduce the cost of operating and maintaining your HVAC systems. Our maintenance program can help you avoid 5-20% of expensive downtime, employee productivity losses, tenant turnover, and utility waste costs. Programmed maintenance can also extend the useful life of your equipment by 20% or more and reduce administrative costs. Our programs are customized to the unique requirements of your HVAC equipment to maximize energy- and cost-saving benefits.

Your Success is Our Success

Our Programmed Maintenance Program includes:

Engineering Support

  • Identifying air quality problems, solving comfort complaints or modifications to reduce or add air conditioning, heating, or ventilation capacity. Written performance guarantees are included.

Guaranteed Priority Emergency Service Response

  • Local emergencies receive our highest priority response. We are onsite within two hours or less and within four hours in our expanded regional area.

Scheduled Inspections

  • Provide annual and operational inspections based on OEM scheduled maintenance. Includes all maintenance materials, gaskets, oils, and lubricants, as well as labor for belt replacement.
technician checking pressure valves

Air Filter Maintenance

  • Air filter changes, including labor, materials, and removal of used filters.

Corrective Maintenance and Component Replacement Coverage

  • Routinely identifying repairs or replacements for impending problems.

Refrigerant Containment Service

  • Leak test and report needed repairs on low-refrigerant equipment. We follow all federal, state, and local guidelines for refrigerant recovery procedures to minimize costs.

Service Documentation

  • We document all scheduled and unscheduled services.

Performance Assurance Program

  • Meet annually or more frequently upon request to evaluate and modify maintenance programs to ensure business needs are met.

“I have worked with, and respected Dave Roger for many years. What has impressed me most about ThermaServe is the knowledge of their employees and their client service, with their fast response time and follow through. I would recommend ThermaServe to anyone who wants excellent client service.”

— Kevin Winn, Chief Engineer, Gate Riverplace

Industries We Serve

We provide commercial mechanical and plumbing services to a broad range of clients, from small commercial projects to large manufacturing and industrial plants, to help businesses maintain operations and business continuity.

  • City and Municipal Buildings
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Condominiums and Apartment Communities
  • Data Centers
  • High Rise Residential Buildings
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Industrial Facilities and Plants
  • K-12 Education Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • U.S. Federal Buildings
  • U.S. Military Installations

Vendors We Work With:

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24/7 Emergency Service

Call Us Now

Need emergency commercial HVAC, chiller, or plumbing repairs? Call us for emergency repair services ASAP!

ThermaServe provides 24/7 emergency services, responding to calls within two hours during regular hours and non-emergency requests within 24 hours. Our professional staff efficiently coordinates repairs and retrofits to minimize downtime.

ThermaServe is the trusted partner for chiller and HVAC services for diverse organizations across the Southeast U.S. Our commitment to round-the-clock, high-quality mechanical services ensures that facilities running critical systems such as Omni Hotels, Baptist Hospital, and the Westminster Woods Retirement Community can maximize efficiency, operating time, and savings.