Westminster Woods

Fruit Cove, FL

Westminster Woods

Chooses ThermaServe for Cutting-Edge Chiller Equipment Modernization.

The Westminster Woods on Julington Creek Retirement Community wanted to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and realize savings by modernizing their chiller equipment—and chose ThermaServe to provide the solution.


Westminster Woods on Julington Creek, an upscale retirement community, needed a risk reduction and modernization plan for two 15-year-old chillers. ThermaServe was called on to assess the status of the aging chillers and provide a roadmap for modernizing the system.


To mitigate this challenge, we designed a solution that not only extended the overall life expectancy of the chillers but also delivered substantial cost savings. We rebuilt one compressor slide valve and replaced two obsolete Carrier PIC-1 control panels with advanced MCS control panels.

Scope of Services

The scope was extensive. We replaced all existing wiring, including the starting panel, and installed new external sensors to replace the outdated ones to ensure a comprehensive overhaul. The introduction of a full touchscreen display with the MCS controls marked a leap forward in capabilities, exceeding the prior OEM control panel. This upgrade optimized efficiency and also promised to extend the life of the chillers by many years.


The MCS controls, with their advanced features and full touchscreen display, not only contribute to operational efficiency but also lead to substantial utility cost savings. This successful modernization initiative will extend the useful life of the chillers by many more years, ensuring sustained performance excellence.

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